selected by Aerowaves 2017
presented at La Biennale Danza Venezia 2018

duet 35 minutes
project Francesca Foscarini

created and performed Francesca Foscarini and Andrea Costanzo Martini
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Emmanuel Lévinas says that, in the simple encounter with the Other, the essential, the absolute comes into play: the showing, the epiphany of the other is where I discover that my world is mine as long as I can share it with the Other.

This tension, this impossibility to escape from the Other, which the Lithuanian philosopher calls “asymmetry”, lies at the origin and development of Francesca Foscarini’s new piece, Vocazione all’Asimmetria, a piece in the shape of a duet, which cautiously unfolds in an alternation of solos and moments together, of the time to show and the time to meet, of the discovery of what divides from each other and of the research of what unites and creates a possible Us.

“A work built with intelligence and harmony, the right rhythms and dynamics enhanced by the excellence of the two dancers, who show incredible skill in the way they alternate fragility and power, order and chaos, restlessness and control.
Lula Abicca, Danzaeffebbi

“In Vocazione all’Asimmetria – inspired by the thinking of Emmanuel Lévinas – the skill of the choreographer and her partner lies in leaving nothing to chance. In this two-player game that masterfully alternates solos and duets, we see specific movements, a very rich and detailed vocabulary.”
Dimuzio Tiziano, Danzaeffebi