1-2 days workshop;  3-4 hours/day

Sharing my own creations does not want to be a simple transmission of an existing choreography but a new exploration of it.

Passing on brief extracts of my works to the participants will be a starting point for a deeper and fresher look to aspects of the art of choreographing and performing which I consider essential for my artistic research: the human gaze as a bridge between the performer and “the other”, the capacity of “being” open, sincere and defenceless on stage, the clarity of the intention and so on. After a warming up based on exercises on the floor that gradually develop into the verticality the class goes trough the transmission of sequences belonging to a specific choreography. The second part is dedicated to the improvisation practices allowing participants to find their own interpretative quality of the script, to give new life to the written material and to find their own way of enjoying it and having a personal journey.