Weeks 2-3 workshop; 5 hours/day

LANDing, created together with the author and dramaturg Cosimo Lopalco, is a dance workshop which brings together choreography, creative writing and other forms of artistic expression, with psychogeography.

In new and unusual ways, participants are encouraged to examine themselves and their relationship with the space they inhabit, and to investigate their relationship with elsewhere and with otherness, in a relational dynamics approach where “otherness” and “elsewhere” are seen as always present, both inside us and outside us. From a choreographic point of view, it aims to translate the material collected into the precise languages of movement and contemporary dance, and, wherever possible, to share this material with an audience.


LANDing in Cagliari, 2016, Molentargius
LANDing in Bassano del Grappa, 2018, Oro. L’arte di resistere