The project is site-specific and will be adapted to the chosen exhibition space every time it will be presented.

group piece 2 hours
Concept and direction Francesca Foscarini and Cosimo Lopalco
Choreography Francesca Foscarini
Dramaturgy Cosimo Lopalco
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Conceived and directed by Francesca Foscarini and Cosimo Lopalco and enriched by the artistic contribution of ErGao and Noel Pong, Italia-Museo dell’Altrove is a contemporary dance, performance and installation art project that develops in several environments and works on the themes of the contemporary museum and the relationship between architectural space and the body.

The artists, through the exploration of the historical-cultural identity of the country, measure themselves with the creation of a singular “museum” where the living body, in its intrinsic irreproducibility, is the composite material to be shown. The collection of works exhibited (staged) explores a certain Italian cultural history (the cinema of the early Pasolini, Fellini, the extraordinary art of Antonio Ligabue, Venice with its light, popular culture, its dialects, a certain clerical somnecchiosity with its bells, the ritual of coffee, card games); to this is added the precious gaze and the “other” taste of the Asian artists ErGao and Noel Pong with their particular idea of the country.