Back Pack was presented at La Biennale Danza Venezia 2016

triptych of solo 60 minutes
Francesca Foscarini
research advisor
Ginelle Chagnon and Cosimo Lopalco
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Good Lack is a tryptic of solos, Back Pack, John Tube and Let’s Sky all navigating three very different performative territories yet sharing the common theme of absence.

The title itself, inspired by the theme, plays with the ambiguity between the words luck and lack. In Back Pack, a rucksack resembles the shell of a turtle. It hides and offers protection yet is weighed down by an abundance of multicolored objects. These objects modify and determine the making and unmaking of the performing body on stage. In John Tube a 170cm high black plastic tube (John) inhabits the stage: imaginary meanings and landscapes emerge through John’s silence and totemic immobility. These environments are then disrupted by the repetitive gestures present in Let’s Sky where cardboard boxes enclose a body that seems to have lost its real being.

The “Foscarini character” is delicious and fun and would be at home not just in a dance festival but equally in a gallery of contemporary portraits, part clown and part pierrot – as we see so often today.
Graziano Graziani, Minimaetmoralia

“Good Lack is a work that feeds on the great magnetism and the great intensity of this Venetian performer; it investigates Identity and the overlapping possibilities of Being, whether with or without the gaze of the Other.
Silvia Ferrari, PaneAcqua e Culture