Weekly class;   1.15h / 2 hours

Dance love to the end of you, is a didactic project that was born in the days of prolonged isolation due to the Covid19 pandemic; it was born from a time of lonely and silent waiting, with the confidence in a forthcoming reopening of the theatres and places where we used to meet to dance together. It was born as a strategy to fill at least a little of this absence and rediscover the pleasure of moving, virtually together, close even if far away.

Paraphrasing a song by Leonard Cohen dear to me, Dance love to the end of you is the title I wanted to give to the series of virtual meetings that will use one of the now well-known video dating platforms.
The online proposal does not want and cannot be a copy of the lessons that I usually offer, but rather presents itself as a new space where the absence of physical contact is filled by stimuli that can enrich our way of inhabiting the body, of making movement live, amplifying its own sensitivity. The lesson, along with moments of guided or free movement, will be enriched by sound materials such as listening and reading, visual materials such as photographs, paintings and videos, but also by exploration and research practices that can use automatic writing and spontaneous drawing.

The project, as soon as possible, can be done in presence.

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